Sonja Fuechslin

Born in Einsiedeln canton Schwyz, Sonja grew up in a musical family. Learning piano, violin and button accordion since early age she was often part of the family’s strong line up of musicians. Growing up with the Swiss folk music tradition, Ms. Füchslin developed special relation and deep understanding of the particular style and performance of traditional Swiss music.

After graduating from high school, Sonja studied at the Musikhochschule Lucerne Piano earning teaching and music education diplomas in 2006. In 2010, she graduated from the CAS management culture in Lenzburg to 2011 and was responsible for the youth and young working at the house of folk music in Altdorf. Since her graduation in 2005 Sonja is a member of Rämschfädra where she continues to deepen the roots of the Swiss tradition. Coming in 2009, Sonja Füchslin becomes a concertmaster of the orchestra film music Tifico. Ms. Füchslin could also be seen with “Die Exfreundinnen“.

Sonja is a member and been performing with SWISSMAID VOICE since 2012.