A music show with Swiss folk songs on steroids

The Swiss professional musicians Sara Hugelshofer soprano and mezzo-soprano Milena Bendáková brought ROTI RÖSLI to live in the fall of 2010 followed by their first tour in Switzerland. ROTI RÖSLI’ Tour zwoi (second tour) followed in April 2011 and Tour Drü was presented in September, 2012.

ROTI RÖSLI has been performed on multiple stages in Switzerland and abroad along with dozens of cultural events, corporate performances and privately booked occasions. ROTI RÖSLI also became the main event at the swing festival in Frauenfeld, the Rose Festival in Weggis and it was featured on SF1 on August 1st 2013 for the Schweizer Bundesfeier (Swiss National Day).

Sara and Milena were joined by the Swiss Folk Superstar Sonja Füchslin in May 2012 as a Piano, Accordion and Fiddle player bringing immeasurable quality to Swiss Maid Voice.

Trendy, Humurous and Full of Joy ROTI RÖSLI presents folk songs in a new way while paying respect to the Swiss tradition.

Join us for a blissful event.

Repertoire ROTI RÖSLI

ROTI RÖSLI costs CHF 2,000.

The entire program is approximately 90 minutes in length without breaks. We recommend two parts of 60 minutes for part I, 10-20 minutes break and 30-40 minutes for part II.

All timings could be adjusted as necessary to perfectly fit your event. We can provide you with performance samples and further discuss your requirements in order to best suite the event.

We would require a concert-friendly environment (no eating and or serving during the performance). Make-up room and suitable time for soundcheck. at least 40 minutes prior to the performance.

Preferably the stage should be equipped with an upright or grand piano, yet in case there is none Swissmaid Voice will provide an electrical piano with all necessary equipment (included in the price).

Should you have any additional questions do not hesitate to contact us. We would be glad to further discuss in person your next event and make it a special one.